It is in innovation and excellence that lies the secret of success of RCLINIC, the medical aesthetic clinic specialized in rejuvenation.

Pioneer in Portugal in the use of 6D, and later 8D threads, as well as in cellular rejuvenation from stem cells, here science works with precision and rigor to offer the most effective and lasting treatments to the client satisfaction.

Addressing the skin from the inside out, the focus of the specialists is to obtain unbelievable results while maintaining the natural appearance, always with as little intervention and use of foreign substances as possible. And their goal is always achieved.

Laser Fotona, pioneer in the market, launches a protocol that softens wrinkles and highlights the most desired areas of the face, in a combination of treatments that guarantees to firm the skin and fix the points of support of the face in a more natural way than the usual fillers.

Through the combination of two lasers applied in various places on the skin, including inside the mouth, these heat different skin layers and stimulate the production of collagen, which results in the skin treating its own firmness, all without the need for needles or scalpels.

Proven and loved by international celebrities, this treatment not only solves a specific issue on the face, it improves its quality and attenuates the changes caused by skin ageing itself - it is quick, painless, with no recovery time and can be done on any skin type. The face lifting effect is immediate.

In several procedures, in RCLINIC it is possible to achieve significant and definitive objectives in a less intrusive way through exclusive techniques with high technology equipment, such as lipolaser, breast or buttock augmentation, with immediate results, without pain, without cuts and without recovery.

For the rest, there is an operating theatre where specialised doctors perform breast implants, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, lipopapade and surgical facelift

In search of perfection and confident in the premise that each patient is unique in its essence, physiognomy and needs, before any procedure, an evaluation process is done under medical advice, outlining the method most appropriate to the desired result, thus ensuring innovative and personalized treatments, aiming to increase the welfare of all visitors to the clinic.

The recognition of RCLINIC is measured by science and technology, and confirmed by their patients daily, where a session is enough to return 10 years in time.


Rua Capitão Leitão n 105 A, 2800-137 Almada, Portugal

+351 911 550 673

+351 215 813 579



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