A luxury publisher in the areas of fashion, design, travel and lifestyle, Assouline has launched the book "Versailles: From Louis XIV to Jeff Koons (SE)". A special edition limited to 100 copies signed by the author, Catherine Pégard.

The latest launch of Assouline, "Versailles: From Louis XIV To Jeff Koons", is a veritable treatise, bringing together centuries of palace history from 1623 to the present day. Archival images, photographs, and architectural representations and drawings illustrate the work.

"How to find the right words to define the Palace of Versailles? How to capture an often dazzling and nostalgic charm, which the vicissitudes of history have never been able to destroy, since a king made a point of making it a symbol of his power for the whole world to see", questions Catherine Pégard, the head of the Palace and National Museum of Versailles, in the introduction. She worked in collaboration with Mathieu da Vinha, the scientific director of the research centre.

The result is an opulent edition worth 820 euros, which offers the unique opportunity to travel back in time through 234 luxurious pages, along with a private tour of Versailles with a curator of the palace. The tour includes exclusive forays into rooms that are outside the circuit designed for the average tourist.

Closed in a golden velvet box with a medallion of Louis XIV, the 100 copies are signed by the author. Courtesy white gloves are included with every purchase of Assouline's Ultimate collection, to ensure the preservation of an object made to keep and, of course, enjoy.





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