Alexandre Alonso (b. 1978, Lisbon, Portugal) is a self-taught artist whose body of work revolves around the deconstruction of classic concepts of portraiture, focusing on the structure of the eyes as the primary force that generates the subject and communicates directly with the observer.

With a background in Architecture, his works defy the border between the figurative and the abstract, without the loss of the subject, and explore a delicate line between what is perception and what is real.

Heavily textured oil impastos are generously applied all over the subject (becoming almost like a sculpture), through the application of thick oil paint in a multitude of layers. In some of his more striking depictions of eyes, emphasized oil drippings are added to the canvas, which in combination with an innovative frame design serve to reinforce the idea of a weightless subject suspended within a frame.

Describing his work as “a constant (and mostly conscious) series of purposeful mistakes, resulting in the recurring need for correction and in turn defines the painting’s progression”, Alexandre Alonso tries to transform his subjects into something more ethereal and abstract, while emphasizing the connection generated through eye contact and the profound ability it has to communicate beyond words.

With several group shows and two sold-out solo exhibitions under his belt, Alexandre Alonso is also featured extensively in private collections all around the world.

His third solo-show at Espaço Exibicionista will open in the beginning of 2021.




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