In the world since 2001, Bearbrick of Medicom Toy (or BE@RBRICK) comes now to the public in a version inspired by the iconic work of Vincent can Gogh, Almond Blossom.

In limited edition, it was let to the collector’s mercy at March the 28th.


Spring’s arrival was the perfect context for the launch of a new BE@RBRICK “toy”, once more in collaboration with a big art name, or better, with the Van Gogh’s Museum, in Amsterdam.

The Almond Blossom’s painting, dated in 1890, by Vincent van Gogh, inspires the news launched by late March. It was made as a celebration to life, as the artist got the news that he was an uncle and his brother Teo had named his nephew Vincent Willem, in his homage.

The painting highlights the powerful branches of the flowered almond-tree on a turquoise background mimicking the sky, a theme now produced in the famous Japanese doll and replicated in ten differentiated in various sizes, from 100% to 1000%.

 Bearbrick figures quickly became extremely wanted pieces of art, despite its never-changing baseline. What makes these such coveted toys are the commemorative and rare editions projected by sophiosticated fashion brands, or pop artists or, such as this case, the connection to Van Gogh. Due to its special water transferred technique, which edition presents a different detail of its painting, and that makes each BE@RBRICK unique, besides allowing Van Gogh’s Museum to take the artist’s work ad life to a new public



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