Black is at the essence of Montblanc and is the colour that describes and names its new collection. UltraBlack offers elegance in leather pieces, writing instruments, watches and objects with smart technology that inspire creativity, boldness and guarantee mobility. 


True to its DNA, but with an eye on the future, Montblanc celebrates modernity with new products that add simplicity and timeless elegance, aimed at a demanding public looking for qualityThe new UltraBlack collection was inspired by the colour black, which has been the basis of the brand's identity since the beginning of the Maison in 1906, remaining unscathed even as it evolved to become the Maison of Luxury Business Lifestyle. 

A statement of unique and infinite beauty that translates into suggestions designed for different everyday lifestyles. In leather, the backpack, clutch and mini folio confirm the mobility and performance of Montblanc piecesThe original M pattern inherited from the geometry and letters of the graphics of the brand's archive stand out with nobility 

Inspired by a space exploration, the StarWalker writing instruments spark the imagination and encourage creation. This line includes a Precious Resin edition in black with contrasting metal details, a Doué edition with a black resin body and a metal cap or front. Fountain pen, biros and fineliner pen are the versions on the table 

In a constantly evolving world, the Montblanc MB 01 wireless headphones offer performance and reliability, but also a very distinctive design that comfortably covers the ears. The metal and leather finishes make them even more special 

To the proposals with intelligent technology for enhanced connectivity are also added watches of the latest generation and tailored to the demands of today. Ideal for those who pursue success and aspire to leave a mark in everything they do. Always honouring the past, in a clear proof that development lives from the experience that establishes prestige in the market 





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