At Páris Clinics, in Lisbon, time stops under the baton of cutting-edge technology. Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery come together in a space without stereotypes, where each client is unique.

In a society where standards of beauty are increasingly being questioned, Páris Clinics has opened, in a noble area of Lisbon, to break down prejudices and democratise the areas of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Two universes that until now seemed antagonistic, but are in symbiosis in the new space. Marking the difference is the purpose, treating each patient beyond the physical aspect.

Beauty, medicine and welfare go hand in hand, demystifying the stereotype of "copy of a copy" commonly associated with this theme. In this clinic, the definition of beauty has no age, no gender and even less corresponds to an archetype of colour or race. The focus is on the authenticity of each client, the enhancement of natural traits and, of course, the best possible experience. Each individual is treated as a whole, along with technological and scientific advances that are added to techniques and standards long used.

At the head of the clinical staff is Sofia Carvalho, the specialist in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine who follows a holistic protocol in line with the basic concept of Páris Clinics. State-of-the-art technology guides the future that is predicted less or not at all invasive. Non-surgical procedures move the laboratory research that makes the sector evolve. Hyaluronic acid (100% biocompatible and natural), optical microfibers and laser beams make the procedures almost imperceptible, suppressing recovery time and consequent marks, without cuts or pain.

Hidro-ThermoLift, EnfoLift or Emsculpt are among the exclusive proposals that join other more common ones, such as liposuction or anti-aging methods, always in coordination with a team of nutritionists. The IQ Plasma technique is also innovative. Through a device with a technology that emits a discharge of platelet rich plasma, highly energizing, the cell membranes reorganize, increasing hydration and making the skin firmer.

To complement a personalized service, there is also the offer of physiotherapy and, as self-esteem is paramount, post-surgical makeup - with biological products - by the hands of one of the most respected make-up artists in Portugal, Antónia Rosa.

Varied and individual-focused solutions merge appearance and essence into the mission of treating and caring.



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