Precious lace

Against monotony and indifference, the new Chopard’s fine jewellery collection awakens the senses with Precious Lace.

It is an ode to lightness and the crisp white of lace, marked by the femininity of style and contemporary elegance of its pieces.

In this collection, Chopard made the preciousness of Diamond and the luxury of lace more wearable.  The pieces are designed for the day-to-day of all women, deconstructing the typical formality of high-end jewellery thus reflecting the co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele’s signature.

Caroline has a talent for understanding women and their relationship with jewellery, having created them bold and elegant to reflect their multifaceted lives, illuminating their everyday lives, looks and values.


The brand has been on a path towards environmental ethic and respect for the planet. With sustainable luxury initiatives, it ensures the protection of both their resources as the people living in it.

Ethically sourced diamonds and gold, certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council and then handcrafted in Chopard’s ateliers, the brand’s values are brought to life, conveying this vision through the beauty and expertise in jewellery-making art.

The design draws inspiration from the floral patterns and embroidery of antique lace, in an undulating dance of gold and diamonds that plays with the preciousness and union of the diamond’s light and the lace’s lightness, like the fusion of Haute Jewellery and Haute Couture, long-married in heaven.

In subtle pink tones with floral notes, this collection of jewels and a wristwatch, Imperiale Moonphase, in rose gold, conveys the delicacy and sensuality of its materials in its timelessness.

With this collection, which is as beautiful in the lines and stones of its jewels as in the values behind the entire process of the refinement that brings them to life, let yourself fall in love and be contagious with Precious Lace.



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