1.       Vista Alegre

“My relationship with Vista Alegre was a love affair at first sight. I fell in love with the refinement and elegance of the brand. When I receive friends at home, I always like to surprise them. I'm collector number 980 and this Amazōnia service never lets me down. It is wonderful!”



2.       My closet…

“Having a charming closet is every woman's dream. And I managed to achieve mine. I think it should be imperative that in every woman's home there be a place where we can take care of ourselves and plan our day. I'm not a consumerist, I only buy when I fall in love. I have clothes from 25 years ago that I care for and continue to wear. My relationship with clothes is therapeutic; when I feel down is when I apply myself the most to enhance my look. I instantly become happier and with better self-esteem.”



3.       Flowers, flowers, everywhere

“I really like having flowers scattered around the house and I make a point of taking care of my own arrangements. Flowers bring me peace and tranquility... I don't have a favorite, I just like to change them. This time, I felt like having an arrangement in shades of white and blue and I liked the result.”



4.       My favorite corner…

“I consider myself to be my best company and this is the room in the house where I spend the most time. I like to sit on the couch listening to music, reading a book or just letting myself be carried away by my own thoughts. I'm a real homebody! And the presence of a piece of art makes the whole environment more perfect, like this painting by my friend Júlio Quaresma, which conveys feelings, love...”



5.        Cooking, a gesture of love

“I love to cook, it's one of my favorite hobbies. True therapy! It is very important for me to receive friends with a full and beautiful table. Hearts are always present in every dish served – cooking is a gesture of love for me. I am an affectionate person. I usually say that “Henriqueta is love”! As a born romantic, everything I do is always with a lot of love. The love stories presented in my book ‘Amor’, published in 2019, faithfully mirror my essence.”



6.       Bomo sneakers

“These sneakers were given to me today and I love them! I love to mix classic with casual and, above all, to feel good and comfortable. This dog printed here is actually the dog of [the artist] Ruy Silva and he is just adorable!”









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