Montblanc pens have always been recognized as a writing classic, thanks to their exclusive elegance and refinement. So what can one say about a pen that pays homage to Aztec civilization and to one of its main leaders, Moctezuma I? The Montblanc Patron of Art Limited Edition 888 takes writing to the next level. Turquoise blue and carmine red, the favorite colors of the Aztec people and the most used in royal garments, are the predominant shades of this true gem. Embellished with various elements that refer to Aztec culture, this is a pen that is also a true writing gem, with gold and silver fittings. As for the cap top, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the engravings that represent the traditional weapons and ornaments of Moctezuma I. On the barrel of the pen itself is an engraved motif, reminiscent of the cloak of the Aztec ruler, a symbol of power. Four subtle champagne-gold lines also appear, evoking the cardinal points that radiate from the Templo Mayor. In turn, the spear-shaped clip was embellished with a Central American quetzal feather and set with a triangular-cut green jade stone.

The forepart of the Montblanc Patron of Art Limited Edition 888, as well as its distinctive cone, are also made of sterling silver, in a harmonious contrast with the precious champagne-tone gold fittings and the handcrafted solid gold nib, adorned with the Aztec glyph for its capital, Tenochtitlán: a three-armed cactus with a royal diadem and two scrolls. Finally, the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl is elegantly embedded in the engraving of an Aztec sun disk, which pays homage to the architectural style of the empire. Writing has never been more elegant.


The Montblanc Patron of Art Limited Edition 888 is on sale at Relojoaria Espiral, at the Amoreiras Shopping Center in Lisbon.



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