In yet another Heritage edition, Montblanc presents a new and luxurious writing instrument, adding the minutia of artisans to the richness of the Egyptian culture.

On a journey into the past, guided by the history of the brand itself, Monblanc has rebirthed one of its greatest treasures of the 1920's in the Heritage Egyptomia edition that marks the present day. Wrapped in vintage notes, the Maison rekindles the passion for ancient Egypt by reinventing its famous fountain pen to sign modern writing without erasing the marks of the past.

Under the mysterious veil of the land of the pharaohs, the new fountain pen is kept inside a sarcophagus richly elaborated in the image of King Tutankhamon's tomb. One of the limited edition pieces, in solid gold, showcases the color of the lid and pattern inspired by the headdress of Tut's death mask, with cornaline and turquoise stones in prominence and a set of hieroglyphs writing the word “Montblanc”.

In the execution of this writing instrument of undeniable beauty, the meticulousness of specialized masters has translated into ancestral techniques, awakening the imagination and covet of those who appreciate it.



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