Amadéo Fluerier Complications – Virtuoso V


The beginning of a new decade in 2020 brought with it a radical facelift for the Virtuoso V, an iconic model for the Swiss watchmaker Bovet 1822, introduced in 2015. After the 2018 upgrade, the first watch moved by the caliber Virtuoso II to present additional complications with jumping hours and backward minutes is introducing itself now enriched by the work of artisans’ masters. Classier, with a 43,5 mm’s box, it provides a more sophisticated visualization of hours and minutes, enlightened in blue cladding guilloche. Embracing this motif there is a surface wealthily decorated following the most delicate engraving processes “Fleurisanne”, an almost extinct art that keeps on, however, being recognized as a remarkable technique. The patented system Amadeo emphasizes once again the chameleonic character of the Virtuoso V because, thanks to it, it can easily become a wrist, desk or pocket watch. It’s water resistant, until 30 meters of depth, but above it all, it promises to resist the passage of time.


Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter One


Bovet awakens passions in each and every watch lover that comes across its seductive silhouettes. And talking about passion, red is precisely the dominant tone of Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter One. To celebrate the three international honors awarded to this piece, the brand decided to highlight its conquest with the launching of an ultra-exclusive edition limited to ten units. Irresistible, it presents a hemispherical display sculpted from a red quartz block. With a sapphire crystal box, the chosen movement is regulated by the patented double face suspended whirlwind. It differs from its ancestor through a balance of the variable inertia to an even bigger chronometry. The display is a surprise maze in which any collector will love to get lost in.


Miss Audrey & Monsieur Bovet


Far from predicting the challenges that would arrive in 2020, Bovet also brought the green, the color of hope, vitality and environmental protection to the displays of the Miss Audrey & Monsieur Bovet models, for her and for him. Eco-friendly, either of the pieces accommodate mechanic movements. The feminity is a constant in the Miss Audrey model, dominated by the guilloche motif present in the display, inspired in the lotus flower and its lavish shadow game. The box, of 36 mm, is elegantly embraced by the shine of diamonds. Equally equipped with the patented Amadeo system it can easily become a wrist or desk watch or even a seductive necklace..




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