Infinitum allies itself with cars, boats, houses and machines to erase the marks of time and damage, through a glass shield that prolongs the longevity and durability of the surfaces with which it is involved.

It is not magic, but pure technology that describes Infinitum, a Portuguese brand that came to revolutionize the entire area of Technology Protection, creating a world of infinite possibilities. Fruit of the know-how of almost two decades of its leaders, opens the range to a set of solutions in the universe of maintenance and surface protection. 

The passion and will to achieve perfection translates into a service of excellence focused on every detail. In a perfect fusion between quality and innovation, Infinitum is divided into several lines, in an equation that adds the areas of automotive, maritime, aviation, home and industry. To delay or erase the marks of time and damage is the main mission of a well prepared team that always has the right product at hand to apply the technique. A complete concept that, adapted to any surface, creates a strong glass shield, giving it impermeability, durability and easier cleaning and maintenance.

Infinitum can be applied on a new car, even before it's owner's debut, as a preventive dome, but it can also give a new life to a piece with more years. Used inside and out, the range will make it shine even longer.

Aqua Line offers any boat with excellent and long-lasting maintenance, with Above Water and Under Water products. Infinitum Coating Line marks the perfect finish. Exposed to extreme and diverse weather conditions, the aircraft also have an ally for more sustainable flights with no scratchs to be seen.

At home, office, hotels or interior spaces with intense daily use, this layer of glass will protect from wear and tear and consequent degradation of surfaces.          In the industrial area, Infinitum is an added value in the maintenance of the machines, reducing the downtime in production, in a clear bet on efficiency.

As the brains of the business tell us, "the secret is not in the finishing, but in the preparation".

Ready to witness the power of this service of excellence?



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