Filipe Silva took the risk and, in the middle of a pandemic, inaugurated Opatra Wellness, in Lisbon, to delay the marks of time on the skin with cutting-edge treatments.



Stopping or delaying the biological clock can be said to be Filipe Silva's pretension that, after careful studies in the area of dermo aesthetics and well-being, opened a space where knowledge is placed at the service of "technological beauty". Former professional make-up artist, in Lisbon, inaugurated the Opatra Wellness by Filipe, in the middle of a pandemic, offering a window to the much desired well-being of body and mind.  

A specialist in advanced aesthetics, Filipe Silva awakened the will to move forward when, three years ago, he crossed paths with Opatra London, the British technology brand internationally recognised as a pioneer in the development of beauty devices. He is currently the exclusive representative in Portugal of the brand present in 33 countries. At Opatra Wellness By Filipe, in Lisbon, the innovative procedures with professional equipment are joined by the sale of devices that allow replicating the treatments at home, as well as the respective creams to be applied. A perfect fusion in favour of "a new luxury" in expansion.

A face mask with 228 LED lights and covered in gold, which promotes blood circulation and collagen production, acting on wrinkles, inflammations and effects of the sun, is the star. But it starts with a previous evaluation and there is no lack of solutions suitable for each patient, for body, face and hair. “Botox Like” replicates the effect of Botox without being invasive, stimulating the tissues with a tensor and filling effect, while “Surprising Lift” uses mesodermal, diathermy and vacuum techniques to stimulate cell reproduction, muscle repositioning and elasticity, among other benefits. Gold plated masks, anti-aging devices, neck firmness, anti-eye circles, removal of dead cells and lip volume, among others, along with body equipment that reduces cellulite and fat, serve the purpose of 'homecare'. 

Rejuvenating has been one of the most researched words in recent times and the economic data prove that people have been betting on welfare solutions that mitigate the effects of time on skin and mind. And the alliance between beauty and technology offers itself as a balm today and an elixir of youth without changing its essence.




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