With a view of the world, the Villas do Carmo development stands as the perfect refuge to escape from the commotion, but close to everything that the metropolis gathers.

Between green spaces and a landscape to lose sight of, stands the luxurious condominium Villas do Carmo, in the center of Lisbon. Beyond the gate that separates the development from the metropolis, in Avenidas Novas, there is a new world away from the turmoil, with good arguments to turn off and let time flow.

In a kind of oasis, the Forus signature enterprise assumes itself as the perfect refuge for those who yearn to achieve peace of mind and balance body and spirit, in a bubble of well-being. What seemed to be utopia, became reality materialised in four buildings of refined architecture, in perfect symbiosis with the magic of nature that surrounds them.

With its own identity, the refinement is distributed in four villas that provide a new way of living. In an exclusive space, Villa dos Arcos is a remodelled palace that pays tribute to the eclectic legacy and Art Nouveau, housing apartments of typologies T0, T1 and T2 with direct access to gardens and an outdoor pool. At the top of the city, large areas widen the horizons of those who choose to live in Vila Pombal, Vila da Fonte or Vila Jardim. Large balconies and glazed windows projected in stylised and soft shapes transmit an unmatched sensation of lightness and harmony.

An authentic city inside the capital, it gathers immeasurable privileges at your disposal, adding the tranquility of security and the refinement of privacy in an unparalleled equation. So, numbers aside, you have only to guarantee the key to let the dream come true!





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