Attentive to the world that surrounds him and inspires him, the artist is the first to use a code that allows colorblind people to identify the colors of his works

This is more than three decades of a career guided by Ruy Silva's ability to observe and interpret people, spaces and situations. Eternally dissatisfied, the artist never tires of seeking perfection and it is in this search that he also assumes some social concerns. "My mission is to transmit affection and embrace hearts," he stresses, justifying his inclusive art.

For most people to fully appreciate his work, Ruy innovated by inserting ColorAdd in the paintings he signs. It is a monochromatic graphic code, based on universal concepts of interpretation and unfolding of colors, created by designer Miguel Neiva, which allows colorblind people to identify them correctly.

Born in 1974, Ruy Silva was 15 years old when he organized his first exhibition in the city where he was born, Viseu. He was, at the time, a self-taught young man with the will to conquer a place in the artistic world. He studied for more knowledge, becoming a reference in figurative art. Life is his main inspiration and his relationship with art "is a commitment to life", always risking unusual interpretations. With it, Ruy Silva has grown and provokes emotions, transmitting and appealing to values sometimes forgotten. The reconstruction technique broke with the past, starting "to reconstruct the feelings", in a three-dimensional perspective. "Instead of painting a flat canvas, I tore it as if it were life. Life is composed of several moments, so I crossed the various strips of the canvas as if they were a panel of life," he explains.

Ruy Silva's creativity has no limits and includes partnerships with renowned brands such as Montblanc. A partnership that included creating some works, in three moments, over three years, about the launch of the collection "Meisterstück: Le Petit Prince & The Aviator" of the German brand, which were exhibited at events and in the shop window of Boutique Montblanc.

"Orange Pigment" is the title of Ruy Silva's autobiography, referring to the random stain with which he "signed" the works, before the ink blur fit into squares and rectangles or become circles and circumference associated with the sun. An allusion to the "dawn and dusk" that the painter so appreciates. Later, "oranges appeared in a surreal attitude", revolutionizing the composition of the works and the very path of the creator. Between the transition phase, the paintings "A Dois Passos de Ti", "Nu(o) Jardim do Éden" and "Árvore da Vida" were part of the scenography of the TV Globo soap opera "O Outro do Paraíso", broadcast in Portugal by SIC.

Without borders, the works have a regular presence in Paris and, in recent years, have been exhibited in Rome, Tokyo, Brussels, Geneva, New York and Singapore. But the clock is ticking and Ruy Silva is already preparing a new collection, "Assault on the Vatican", to be presented in the first quarter of 2021. "I was inspired by the contemporary sculptures of the Vatican Museum. But the whole concept is modern, although the classic legacy is notorious," he reveals, ready to give new forms to the most diverse expressions.



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