The National Museum of Saudi Arabic, in Riade, opens doors to the history and luxury of Van Cleef & Arpels. Starting on January the 19th of 2023: “time, Nature, Love” gives name to a unique exhibition, divided in three unmissable journeys.


The initiative showcases for te first time the French Maison’s high jewelry universe in the Arabic Kingdom. The exhibition “Van Cleef & Arpels: Time, Nature, Love” gathers more than 250 jewels, watches and precious objects created since its foundation, in 1906, accompanied by archive documents, sketches and gouache paintings.

            Curated by Alba Cappellieri, professor of jewelry design in Polytechnic University of Milan and president of Milano Fashion Institute, the exhibition folds out in three moments that perfectly complement themselves.

            The “Time” opens itself like the first stage that extends itself for ten rooms, focused on emblematic aspects of the brand. “Paris” is the first, followed by “Other place” and the five values quoted by Ítalo Calvino in the book “Six memos for the next millennia”: lightness, quickness, visibility, exactness, and multiplicity. Intersections follow with other artistic subjects, such as dance, architecture, and fashion.

            We then enter the part dedicated to “Nature”, expressed through botany, flora, and fauna. The exhibition offers the wonderful vision of how specialized craftmanship and the search for harmony of Van Cleef & Arpels in a perfect symbiosis.

            The “Love” takes center in the event, with symbols and gifts that materialize the power of emotions, as witnesses of some of the most famous romances of the 20th century.

            The unprecedented patrimonial exhibition embraces the community, based in the brand values of watches, jewels and perfumes created by Van Cleef & Arpels: creation, transmission, and education. This way, the program includes speeches from international and local participants both, workshops for kids and adults and so many immersive activities. partnerships with local institutions will allow the access to all, including visually impaired persons, in a guarantee of total inclusion.

            The inauguration only takes place on January the 19th, but almost everything is already in place for the museum to roll out the luxury of a priceless legacy until April the 15th.



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