Luxury can also be sustainable after all. True to this principle and to its groundbreaking DNA, the Dutch company Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, which specialises in the development of spectacular superyachts, has created one that is as colossal as environment friendly. It amazed the Monaco Yacht Show this year, when it presented the majestic prototype of the “Aqua”, a new superyacht concept, named so because it lives in harmony with its surroundings. For the company, water is the eternal fuel of life, a source of creativity and tranquility, so when selecting propulsion and fuel, Sinot chose to reconcile with nature. The ambition resulted in the development of a massive 112-metre liquid-hydrogen-powered yacht. To strike a balance between technology and nature, liquified hydrogen is stored at -253°C in two 28-ton vacuum isolated tanks. It is then converted into electrical energy by proton exchange membrane fuel cells, producing only water instead of greenhouse gases, and feeding the systems on board. The tanks are visible through a glass panel at the base of a palatial spiral staircase in the centre of the vessel, the starting point for a world apart - only possible offshore aboard this yacht. Everything inside the “Aqua”, with a range of 3750 nautical miles and a top speed of 17 knots, goes beyond luxury standards. With unmissable panoramic views from all angles, the exterior was inspired by the rolling of the waves, translating into curved lines. The interior provides truly “Zen” moments due to the low noise and vibration provided by the electric drive. With capacity for 14 guests and 31 crew members, it houses several glazed suites with minimalist Japanese-influenced décor. Good energy is also guaranteed by the indoor and outdoor heated pools, waterfalls and fountains. There is an infinity pool for moonlit nights, dining rooms and a wellness centre with gym, hot tub and a yoga studio. The yacht also features a heliport to support the drone-supported air taxi service and a space for storing jet skis. A piece of sky on the high seas, just for moguls.



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