The edition of the Nautical Saloon of Monaco (Monaco Yacht Show) of 2019 allowed a sneak peek with relation to the essence of the new oceans’ giant. The super yacht “Lotus” project, responsibility of the Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman, combines, in a brilliant way, the elegance of an 88 meters yacht and two masts with the one of a 70 meters support yacht. Two ships, with a sharp nose and a lean body, that represent a new concept, designed to tackle the loophole identified between the sailing experience and the adventurous lifestyle of a motor yacht.  More than a super yacht with a merged support ship, the “Lotus” is, as seen by the shipyard building it, an invitation to multiple journeys into freedom, offered by long tours across the blue ocean and crowned by the natural sunlight. A chimera – many would say – that became reality thanks to the work of the design studio ThirtyC, which collaborated with the company Dykstra Naval Architects, in charge of the sail system DynaRig of the yacht. In Monaco, in Saint-Tropez, in Dubai or in Miami, the “Lotus” pledges to parade elegance to anyone who glimpses at it from an exterior angle. The interior, reserved to magnates, resembles more a luxury resort sliding through the ocean, carrying an infinite world of possibilities. Starting with an irresistible pool on the prow, which the ship is able to accommodate due its 14,6 mouth meters. There is also an endless flybridge, perfect to sunbathe, dining areas, a wide saloon and a beach club.

Mindful to the environmental footprint, the Royal Huisman shipyard has rendered the two ships eco-friendly, through the implementation of modern technology. The ship’s masts, for instance, are suited to capture the sunlight and the resource to fossil fuels is minimized relying on intelligent systems to generate, store and manage the energy. Equally “green”, the yacht “Lotus Explorer” is a complement to the sailing experience. Equipped with a heliport, it’s a luxury hotel ready to host both the guests and the ship’s crew. It mirrors the yacht’s lavishness with which it has an umbilical link and it has the ability to assist it when this participates in a regatta, for instance. A concept that has everything to be a success: no commitment and no boundaries.



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