The Blue Coast 160 CXL trimaran is the result of the perfect symbiosis between design, performance, comfort and technology. It has completely challenged the forces of nature and the rules of engineering, with its exclusive ability to cross oceans without using a single drop of oil. Powered only by renewable energy, this 48-meter carbon-fiber trimaran was designed and developed by the most renowned naval architecture team in the world, Coast Design & Partners, which set out to create an exclusive yacht with folding multihulls. Fully automated to guarantee the highest levels of comfort, the Blue Coast 160 CXL represents the fusion between the luxury and convenience of a motor yacht, and the thrill and speed of a multihull. Even the most demanding yachtsmen will be impressed with the avant-garde style of this sophisticated vessel, which promises unique sensations in familiar seas or those never sailed before.

The Blue Coast 160 CXL is the first sailing trimaran of its size to be built with folding beams in the hull. In the open sea, it has a diameter of 23 meters. In the harbour configuration, the outer hull beams have the capacity to fold in to 11 meters. In just 11 minutes, any mooring process is possible. But back in the ocean, with its hulls extended, it allows you to enjoy the clear advantage of a stable platform, without the heeling of a monohull. The CXL is equipped with a three-deck sloop, which challenges the rules of design and comfort in luxury yachts. It also has the ability to achieve exceptional sailing speed. With comfort in mind at all times, it features unique stability and therefore smooth navigation.

The CXL was designed to sail in harmony with nature, and all the energy used on board comes from renewable sources. It uses the cutting-edge technology of the Battery Management System (BMS) and state-of-the-art lithium/ion batteries. There is also a commitment that each yacht will be built according to the requirements of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which promotes the preservation of the environment and sustainable practices.

The entire design of the Blue Coast 160 CXL, by Jean-Jacques Coste, is the result of intensive hydro and aerodynamic research, in order to satisfy the demanding requirements of speed, performance, ergonomics, interior architecture and safety. It is impossible not to be taken aback by its imposing outdoor lounge, which is separated from the main indoor lounge by a sliding door, and which provides a breathtaking view. In the middle of the boat is a huge dining area, with a pleasant jacuzzi and a spacious deck for long sunbathing sessions. The décor features exclusively premium state-of-the-art materials.

Embark on a dream trip aboard this luxury trimaran, with a respect for nature at its core.




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