To enjoy the culinary pleasures or a Louis Vuitton style cocktail you will need to travel to Osaka. It was in this harbor town in Japan that the French house unveiled Maison Osaka Midosuji, a luxurious four stories shop which is an architectural masterpiece and harbors a true treasure: the first coffee and restaurant under the LV insignia.

The avant-garde building was birthed through the crossed visions of Japanese architecture Jun Aoki and designer Peter Marino. The facade, responsibility of Aoki, was carefully thought of and consigns to a floating boat, with a light and Alb structure. The source of inspiration was the city of Osaka, the traditional cargo ship Higaki-Kaisen and its respective rolling waves. Inside of the building, the New Yorker Peter Marino used and abused the floors and the pillars overlaid with wood, the metallic ceilings, the contemporaneous artwork and the elements of the “Objects Nomades” collection, rendering, on land, an authentic trip aboard a luxury yacht, with a remarkable overwhelming landscape.

It can be appraised, live and in color, on the last floor where you can find a terrace. It’s an extension of Le Café V, open day and night with a menu conceived by the well-known Chef Yosuke Suga. This space is also composed by an outstanding Cocoon Room and it is connected with the exclusive restaurant Sugalabo V, decorated with native motifs identical to the presents found throughout the store. With an open kitchen, it is exclusive to dinner time and it is limited to a restricted number of occupants, promising unforgettable soirées.



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