Do you like playing billiards or table football? Are you passionate about designer brands? If you answered yes to both questions, then you will be amazed by these foosball and pool tables, latest Louis Vuitton releases for this summer. These original ‘relics’ are available either in the brand's iconic Monogram canvas or in darker shades like Monogram Eclipse or Damier Graphite. There are also some models in Epi leather, which display more colorful and vibrant tones.

The foosball tables reveal delicious details, such as the hand-carved and hand-painted players, inspired by the Groom, the famous character that starred in the brand's advertising campaigns in 1921. The handcrafted coins, which are used to control the game's score, display a Monogram flower painted by hand, which gives them a touch of glamor. In turn, the billiard tables perfectly recreate Louis Vuitton trunks. They feature delicate corners of meticulously dyed leather and details that make them unique, such as the hand-painted balls engraved with Monogram flowers.

Louis Vuitton has been accompanying travel enthusiasts for more than 150 years and has designed bags for them to carry their own games for several decades. From chess and backgammon bags to poker or cricket, these custom-made collections have expanded over time through Louis Vuitton's grandson, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, who is passionate about sport and leisure games.



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