Why swimming with exotic fishes if you can also “sleep” with them? The marine biodiversity, the vibrant colors of the underwater flora and the enchanted kingdom preserved through centuries by the Maldive’s crystal clear waters are the joker of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort to surprise, with a one-of-a-kind experience in the world the lovers of the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean.


In the luxury universo nothing is ever extreme, but the avant-garde concept of the future Maldive’s hotel jewel is already making history even before opening it’s doors to an admirable new world.

The countdown tic-tac is rolling. It will be necessary to wait until the last quarter of 2018 so that a few lucky-ones are able to meet live and in colour the “Muraka” residence (the word means coral in Dhivehi, the local language of the Maldives) with underwater accommodation at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. Before the end of the year, guests will be able to sleep side by side with subaquatic wonders. And with sharks as well. Only the mermaids will be missing but there shall be plenty of reasons for the new tenants to become overwhelmed by the 180º visual feast that is awaiting them. The deep down in the ocean silence will be the melody of the absolute tranquility.

The bold endeavor represents an investment of around 13 million euros was developed by the architecture office Crown Company that teamed up with MJ Murphy, specialized in acquariums technology. The new Maldives pearl that joins the villas alley of the Hilton group’s resort, can receive up to nine people and has two floors, one above the sea level and an underwater suite. The two worlds apart are connected with a spiral stair and a lift.

The infamous underwater suite that keeps the world talking sits five meters (16.4 feet) below sea level and rests harmoniously between the marine ecossistem.

It features a king-size bedroom, a living area and a bathroom. In the upper level, more luxury. A room with a king-size bed as well, twin-size bedrooms, powder room, a dream bathroom to contemplate the horizon and the ocean, butler’s and private security’s quarters, a gym, living room, kitchen, a dining area and a bar with a deck to enjoy the sunset. On the opposite side, a relaxation deck with na infinity pool faces the direction of the sunrise.

The secrets of the local gastronomy can also be tasted underwater. It is in this resort that you will find “Ithaa”, the underwater restaurant in the world, that celebrated it’s 13th anniversary in April. The “Muraka” residence is the first with an underwater suite even though this is not the first underwater hotel. The interior decoration is minimalist, with glass walls and ceilings, leather finishes and elegant details in marble and granit. Nippura Co., one of Japan’s leading aquarium manufacturers, created and installed an acrylic dome in the building with an outer shell made of two layer of steel and concrete. Do you feel ready to dive into this adventure and experience the new face of the Maldives?




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