Design and the unmistakable flavour of tequila merged into an ultra-exquisite production which gave rise to an organic beverage dedicated United Nation’s Climate Action Sustainability Goal #13.

Born in Los Altos, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, Aman tequila takes on the role of an antithesis of industrial production and arises from the thorough vision of a university mathematics professor in the USA. With values such as trust and vigour in the background, this beverage’s creation process origins in the blue agave plantations in Mexico, an exotic plant which favours altitudes superior to 1500 meters and the sandy ground.

It offers different levels of flavour, colour and aroma, and is available in the versions Blanco (white), Reposado (rested) and Añejo (old), elegantly presented in a bottle, shaped like a diamond, created by the luxury Slovak designer Ivan Venkov. An analogy to the beverage’s preciosity and its own creator’s background.



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