Blandy's presents "The Winemaker's Selection" to celebrate the historic landmark that is the 600 years of the discovery of Madeira Island.

It is a special edition, luxurious and limited to 600 numbered magnum, of a unique Madeira wine that results from a blend of 11 wines from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, from the most typical and noble varieties of the region.

Malvasia, Boal, Verdelho, Sercial and Terrantez, from the last three centuries, are the main vine varieties that have served as the basis for the accurate work of winemaker Francisco Albuquerque and his team. The oldest wine dates from 1863 and the most recent from 2004, some of which were the last available. Hence "The Winemaker's Selection" being so special and purposefully unrepeatable.

Being unique, the bottle presents itself as a jewel, handmade in blown crystal, highlighting an image of the island of Madeira in hand chiseled silver. An authentic work of art.

Elegance, freshness, spices, dried fruits and tobacco are some olfactory sensations that this wine awakens. To the sound of good music, letting itself be carried away by the unique pleasure of a nectar inspired by the courage and boldness of Portuguese navigators and the celebration of six centuries of history of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.



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