An ode to architecture and interior design

The new Edgart Studio Concept space is an ode to architecture and interior design, promoting unique sensory experiences.


Specialized in creating true masterpieces in the creation and modernization of interior and exterior spaces, Edgart now surprises with a new multidisciplinary project. In a total of 500 square meters, architecture and interior design merge in a unique concept that allows the client to have contact with real solutions, tailored to their desires.

The Edgar Studio Concept, in Lavra, Matosinhos, opened its doors in the last quarter of 2020, defining the strategic positioning of the brand, which stands out for its rapid rise in the premium market segment. The simplicity of projects and concepts with refined materials, merges with the modernity and sophistication of the exclusivity of each piece. Along with the class of the final result, comfort is always privileged.

A model floor on display opens doors to inspiration, besides allowing contact with the dynamics of the different materials until the aesthetic elements are finished. The surroundings between the various environments signed by the studio awaken the senses, making the experience unique.

The technical detail of each construction or rehabilitation project is accompanied by professionals specialized in the various areas, from the initial study to the execution, in a perfect harmony between the soul of the space and the client's personality. A service that combines creativity, professionalism and integrated vision, resulting in works endowed with great charisma, where art has the final word.




Rua da Agudela, 105 R/C

4455 – 019 Lavra – Matosinhos


Tel: 930 639 088



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