Contemplated at the foothill of one of the seven hills, Lisbon and its natural lighting for which is distinguished cajoles sighs, but walking down to the hustle of the Portuguese capital there is a venue – gently kissed by the waving Tejo river, framed by an iconic bridge and wrapped in Crito Rei’s distant hug – in which the city gains a renovated charm. Like an auditorium, open to the world from the riverside area of Belém, SUD Lisboa has been awarding for more than two years all of those who are looking to embark in a memorable adventure, which is a true solace for all of the senses. The successful project opened its door in 2017, after SANA’s group decided to extend its business and take a shot at a complementary segment, outside the hotel sector. The design and architecture count with the signature of established architect Antoine Pinto who shaped Sud Lisboa Terrazza and Sud Lisboa Hall, two different places with an umbilical bond, connected by a bridge, bursting with identity and offering non-ending experiences. The first one, open to the public from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m., embodies two dining areas, one with a cleaner cut and another with a strong tropical appeal, decorated with suspended lamps.

At the table, there is no lack of temptations from the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, guided by the creativity of Executive Chef Patrick Lefeuvre and cooked with fresh and high-quality products. The first criteria of selection is the quality of the products themselves. From the fish, deriving from Peniche or the isle of Açores, to the burrata from Andria, which arrives from Italy twice a week, the key ingredient on the SUD Lisboa Terrazza’s menu is the freshness of its food.

There are also pastas, risottos and pizzas, cooked in wood-fired ovens and perfect to savor in the company of a good wine which has a menu that includes more than 120 references.

The venue also has an irresistible spiral staircase, that delights instagrammers from all over the world, which leads its visitors to SUD Pool Lounge, an inspiring area with an idyllic infinite pool, of 11 meters of length, with a breathtaking landscape in the skyline. All bon vivants are invited to enjoy the sun and the delicious cocktails and snacks. All year long, at nightfall and under the Lisbon starry sky, a DJ takes over the deck, whiffed by the river’s breeze. The venues versatility, allows for great anniversaries and private events, having been recently elected stage by TENco, a Swiss company specialized in luxury concierge, for the celebration of their first anniversary.

The second venue – SUD Lisboa Hall – presents differentiated products and services, is considered the ideal venue for different types of events: from social and corporative events or even weddings. It has established itself as a reference place to hold noteworthy events and has already received, for instance, the party of the watch brand Omega, which was attended by the former supermodel Cindy Crawford, and Réveillon parties led by the sound of Julio Iglesias Jr. or the Gipsy Kings. In this SUD family space, the gastronomy is a responsibility of executive Chef Angel Reyes, who takes great advantage of products of various regions of the world to create unforgettable dishes. So many regions, such as the ones in which the organizers in the SANA group can get inspired to adapt cross-border the unique lifestyle concept of SUD Lisboa. Are you ready to travel to the unique world of SUD?



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