For Mercedes, thinking about the future may pass through a journey to the past of scientific fiction cinema. Tailored to be autonomous and sustainable, the new Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR was born out of that experience, moved by the parallel reality of Avatar, the successful saga of film director James Cameron, and by the world of Pandora. The dream of the German automobile company left each and every person in awe when it became reality and made itself known to the world in January, during the Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest and most recognized consumer electronics fairs. Focused on “sustainable modern luxury”, the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, an allusion to the name Avatar and also the monogram “Advanced Vehicle Transformation”, is an electric concept, zero impact, produced with completely renewable materials, with a new aesthetic in terms of design and state-of-the-art technology, from head to toe. James Cameron’s vision and inputs were essential to the development of this project with Mercedes which actively sought to establish a “biometrical connection with the driver”.

In the automobile there is space for two passengers and the futuristic spirit becomes even more noticeable. The wheel, for instance, gave room to a multifunctional control element installed in the center console. The driver is automatically recognized just by laying its hand on this remote, because the cardiac beatings and breathing are heard and identified in a fraction of seconds. A central element of experience, by sitting, the driver will have the opportunity to contemplate both the menu and the multiple functionalities of the vehicle on the palm of its hand. In the dashboard, a curved screen displays 3D graphics in real time promising a highly pleasant cruise.

The green spirit, in harmony with nature, is notorious by its vegan leather, produced through raw materials and recycled fibers, such as old clothes or plastic bottles. Although wood is also present and, for that, Mercedes resorted to Karuun, a wood more resilient than the traditional rattan fiber and with a series of colors available. Equipped with four electric engines powered by an organic battery of 100 kWh, this Mercedes has an autonomy of about 700 kilometers and a combined power of 475 horses. The batteries can be recharged due to the solar panels installed on the vehicle roof. The rear side is equipped with 33 mobile flaps, flexible to the natural environment, and the door seems more like the hatchway of a spaceship. However, what promises to be the delight the four wheels’ lovers is the fact that the vehicle can perform lateral movements like a crab. For those who like to step on the gas, all there is left to do is wait to see this relic in action in any traffic lane.



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