With the arrival of its first electric model to the car dealers next fall, Rolls-Royce says goodbye to one of its most iconic models with a very special edition. The Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow, besides of its limited production, marks the end of a chapter on a combustion vehicles level.


            Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents Black Badge Wraith Arrow, that marks the end of production of one of the most transformative automobiles in the brand’s history. The Bespoke, limited to only 12 pieces in the whole world, is also the last V12 coupé of the British company, before fully entering in the electric era.

            The powerful model es an homage to the “rocket” with which captain Geroge Eyston made the world record of speed on land in 1938, reaching 575,335 Km/hour in Bonneville, in USA. The mark was reached by the Thunderbolt, an eighth-wheeler mastodon and seven tons, “pulled” by two V12 R Series motors developed by Rolls-Royce for the aeronautical world.

For the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow one V12 biturbo of 6.6 liters is enough to reach 632 cv at 5.600 rotations per minute and 800 Nm between 1.500 and 5.500 rpm. The refined technical features are combined with great style. Special, this Rolls-Royce edition exhibits a gradient external colour, which goes from Celebration Silver on the front to Black Diamond on the back. In its all, yellow details stand out – bumper, wheels, and grid, besides a circle under the Spirit of Ecstasy symbol – and a glass finishing coat, with black applications.

The colours and decoration were refined over a year and a half, which makes this one of the most complexes colour schemes in the entire history of the Goodwood’s brand. In the interior more details are added in yellow on the front seats, wheel, dashboard, and door linings, but attentions turn to the special watch equally decorated in yellow and the record set in 1938 by the Thunderbolt engraved. The same yellow tone contrasts in the back seats and the thresholds, where the inscription on the Wraiths limited number of units can be spotted.

On the ceiling, 2117 small optic-fiber lights replicate Bonneville’s sky, and the wheel with a pattern that recalls the grains of sand on the track of the mentioned record, which inspires the design and potency of the bolide, before the electric Sprectre enters the scene, later this year. The future is already announced when it is the past that packs the masterpiece that is now going on the road.



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