Tesla has left no one indifferent since it became known for its pioneering sustainable motoring, sophisticated in design and all the comforts one  would expect in a luxury car.


Founded with the intention of developing an electric sports car in 2003 and named after the inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, it has established itself in the market and its credibility and performance have already convinced all sceptics in the matter.


Constantly seeking to improve and elevate the performance, comfort and technology benefits of its vehicles, it brings us the long-awaited novelty of the car-loving community of the year: the new Model 3.


Tesla's Model 3 is a car built with safety in mind, from the design to the construction of its structure. It guarantees robustness and top ratings in all crash tests without giving up a fully panoramic sunroof, which breaks the barrier between the driver and the surrounding landscape, elevating the experience to a dream - albeit a waking one.


With a contemporary, sleek and minimalist design, aerodynamics are no obstacle to its top speed of 261 km/h and its impressive acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds.


With four-wheel drive provided by a twin-engine with a weather response time of a mere 10 milliseconds and digitally controlled torque to both front and rear wheels, a visit to a winding, icy mountainside will be as effortless as a trip to the bakery in town.


This spring, the new Model 3 brings us updates both inside and out. Expect more efficient tyres across the range, updated sports wheels, a matte black finish on the exterior and satin and gloss finish on the interior, more intuitive front compartment and additional ports for charging devices at high speed, among so much more.


Whether you choose the Standard Plus, Long Range or Performance model, expect supreme comfort, state-of-the-art sound system and a quiet engine that's a subtlety to drive, with the range to take you to another end of the country without weighing down your carbon footprint - available in Portugal this May.



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