The new “Armillion Urithi” contactless payment bracelet, launched by Swiss company Armillion, will surely go down in history as one of the most exclusive accessories ever. Not only because it is diamond-encrusted, limited to ten units, but also because of its £1 million spending limit that can be used anywhere in the world through the Mastercard network.

Those who get the chance to have this symbol of success, made on ceramic and 18-carat white gold, can, however, increase the credit if they wish to do so. They just have to go to the Armillion App, from which they'll also be able to monitor their millionaire balance and deactivate payments. And it doesn't stop here. Truly multifunctional, the bracelet, which has the primary mission of making contactless payments, can also be used to control security systems and unlock keys and doors without the need for communication, thanks to NFC wireless communication technology.

For the creation of this piece, made in Switzerland, Armillion was inspired by Africa, paying tribute to the cradle of civilisation. Therefore, the brand chose the name "Urithi", the equivalent of Swahili inheritance. On hardened titanium and high-tech ceramics, it is water resistant, but – for now – there is no indication that it will be going underwater to make payments.




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