When one of the most prestigious Belgian brands joins a particular cause, the result could only be the best. Delvaux has recently created the “Les Miniatures Dolce Vita” collection –  made up of three mini bags, which pay homage to the humor and lifestyle so typical of Italians – , of which 20% of the sale goes towards the Solidarity Fund created by the World Health Organization in the fight against Covid-19. This very original collection, which follows on from other of the brand’s creations, magnifies the cultural emblems of the country’s big cities but with a jovial twist.

Charismatic and fun, these three purses feature some of the main iconic elements of Italian culture, such as the Duomo of Milan Cathedral, the famous Motoretta scooter and the colorful Arlecchino mask, all true ambassadors of the dolce vita.

“Les Miniatures Dolce Vita” are available on the new online pop-up store “Ceci n’est pas une e-boutique”, hosted on Delvaux's own website.







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