The new fragrances in Guerlain's L'Art & La Matière collection breathe luxury. A new iconic bottle designed by Pochet du Courval "dresses" signature perfumes.


Rose Cherie and Santal Pao Rosa are Guerlain's latest stars, bringing together the charisma, personality and refinement that have always been part of the famous French brand. Confirming their status as symbols of good taste and delicacy, the new fragrances in the L'Art & La Matière collection - now relaunched - elevate perfume to the level of a work of art, offering signature suggestions.

As if they were masterpieces, all are exclusive and thought out in detail. This was how the first edition of L'Art & La Matière was launched in 2005. The years have passed and, as a result of daring and innovation, new luxurious protagonists have emerged, which are a romantic celebration of art through perfumery.

Guerlain offers a unique olfactory experience. To the eleven iconic scents are added four of its most appreciated fragrances of the house, Frenchy Lavande, Herbes Troublantes, OEillet Pourpre and Épices Volées, in addition to the two new compositions, Rose Chérie and Santal Pao Rosa.

Inebriating, the perfumes are displayed in unique bottles designed by Pochet du Courval, the maison's historic glassmaker, which can be personalised. A plate with twelve versions is customised by craftsmen, in partnership with Atelier Truscelli, where it is possible to engrave a name or a phrase.

The range of exquisite novelties includes the L'Art de Vivre collection with scented candles made of beeswax, as well as the Les Matières Confidentielles fragrances that can be applied on the body or to perfume the home, awakening senses and emotions. 



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