Guerlain celebrates exceptionality with novelties in its services, making its products of excellency unique through their customisation.

World reference for its wide selection of bold and distinctive fragrances, Guerlain has a long history of letting us fall in love even in the packaging of its products.


Opened in Lisbon's El Corte Inglés, the brand's latest space brings us a unique experience, proving to us what is possible when expertise and creativity go hand in hand.


Focused on luxury without neglecting sustainability, one of house's most iconic products can now be personalised and eternally recharged, so that it never has to stop being the star of your dresser.

Created in 1853 exclusively for the Empress Eugenie, the Bee Jars are adorned with a pattern inspired by the Vendôme column and with bees, engraved, which are one of the French imperial symbols.

Delicate and meticulous workmanship results in a beautiful, timeless bottle that represents the importance of heritage, having been constantly reinvented to maintain the harmony between tradition and modernity.


With over 1100 olfactory combinations, there is a perfume for every personality. Difficult will be choosing the perfect fragrance.


The same service applies to Rouge G, the latest piece of customisable luxury for the lips. With 25 colour shades and finishes to suit all tastes, you can choose the cover and personalise it with an engraving, always carrying a little bit of yourself in your purse.


As this is not a task to be left to chance, the Guerlain Boutique at El Corte Inglés in Lisbon has at your disposal a digital fragrance consultation service so that, with the help of a Guerlain specialist, in just a few clicks you can find the ideal fragrance for you or as a gift for a special someone.



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