The new fragrance from Loewe takes us on a fascinating journey to the crazy nights of Ibiza and its fine sandy beaches bathed by warm water. Vibrant, feminine, spontaneous and abounding with charisma is how we can describe Paula’s Ibiza, a female whirlwind recreated in this aquatic floral perfume, which can be worn by both men and women.

This fresh scent, which evokes “la vida loca”, features notes of coconut, vanilla, patchouli and amber, in a pleasantly subtle mixture but that also doesn’t go unnoticed.

The bottle that holds this bold fragrance conveys happy and carefree days, through a medley of bright colors that form a perfect rainbow. Even the selection of the models for Paula’s Ibiza was done to transmit the message of free love – between different ethnicities – that is so characteristic of the coolest island of the Balearics.



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