Crab Apple Blossom is Clive Christian's most recent staer, bringing together unique ingredients in a hypnotizing and sophisticated perfume

The Clive Christian Crown Collection is a totally new perfume collision in homage to the unique and prestigious history of nearly two hundred years of the well-known British perfumery. With a sophisticated but powerful sandalwood base and floating trunk scents, Crab Apple Blossom creates an oceanic olfactory composition that reminds sea waves.

For the first time, apple blossom is used in a Clive Christian fragrance, assuming itself as a refined ingredient which, as a delicate spring kiss, offers a hypnotizing smell as it is available to appreciate at OTRO Perfume, in Lisbon. In an energizing and spicy combination, the precious flower wraps itself in Sea Bergamot essences, an invigorating version of the bitter orange tree with a touch of aquatic salt, a very rare ingredient in the perfumery world.

The symbol of this new collection is what illustrates Crown Perfumery Company, preserved by the famous house as a sign of excellence and quality of the perfume. As with all Clive Christian perfumes, each bottle is covered with a crown-shaped stopper, a synonym of prestige since 1872.



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