Libre, Yves Saint Laurent's new perfume

Floral, sexy and fresh. This is Libre, Yves Saint Laurent's new perfume for women, with qualities capable of seducing men.


After having transformed the dinner jacket into an evening wear for women in the 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent confirms that luxury lies in the freedom to be what you want, without rules or contradictions. The new perfume "Libre" took seven years to hit the streets, but its aroma quickly asserted itself, making women more powerful and self-assured.

In 2022, Libre redeems fire in a flaming bottle that mirrors the most intense proposal yet launched by the French haute couture house. With Libre Le Parfum, master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm (IFF) display an explosion of warm spices that blend with the enveloping fragrance of orange blossom and fresh lavender. Captured, for the first time, with "headspace" technology, the Ourika Saffron chord - grown in the Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco highlights its addictive, creamy and incandescent characteristics, which makes the creation shine brighter than ever. Flaming, it is an excuse to shout out loud the pleasure of being a woman... with a genderless elegance.



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