Original and intriguing, the fragrances of the High Perfumery French house Henry Jacques preserve a long-lasting love affair with the world elite, from Abu Dhabi to New York. The romance should discover a freshened momentum provided by cupids Fanfan & Galileo. The two perfumes – recently launched – are the stars of the third and last chapter of the limited-edition series “Les Toupies”, integrated in the Masterpieces collection. Each duo has presented unique and exclusive fragrances, for him & for her, lavishing the irresistible charm both from the perfumes themselves and the crystal flaks which hold these. Symmetrical and seducing, Fanfan & Galileo were made for each other, with scents as distinct as complementing. Soft, but intense, Fanfan is an unpretentious fragrance, which detaches from the Parisian essence, mastered by lavender and combined with turmeric and geranium from Egypt as opening notes. The Indian sandalwood and the damascene rose take over the heart and are enriched by the warm scents of the Moroccan cedar, leather and amber. Perfect for a fusion with Galileo’s masculine essence, with a lavender and geranium scent merged with the Italian tangerine as opening notes. Patchouli, myrrh and Styrax benzoin take over the heart, complemented with the attraction power of the oak moss, tobacco and amber, so that no one can resist this seduction cocktail.





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