In the middle of the West, Ohai Nazaré offers unique stays at an outdoor resort. In a dream refuge, there are glampings, bungalows or apartments, spaces for family activities or simply relaxing, as well as flavours to enjoy


Those who say that camping is incompatible with the Portuguese winter do not know Ohai Nazaré, a destination to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and let themselves be carried away by the tranquility of the days spent between the pine forest and the sea. A few minutes from the beach of Nazaré, the outdoor resort combines the authenticity of nature with the luxury of detail.

In the heart of Leiria National Park, the largest pine forest ecological reserve of the Iberian Peninsula, 116 bungalows, 37 glampings, 10 apartments and 98 plots, for caravans, motorhomes or tents, welcome tourists who appreciate the comfort and some perks. The architecture and decoration combine harmoniously with nature. In modern and welcoming facilities, the heating, especially during the coldest nights, makes all the difference and makes glamping a perfect experience also in autumn and winter.

Several ludic spaces, indoor and outdoor, guarantee the fun for everyone.  And the spa is a dream, offering a heated pool with a transparent cover that allows you to enjoy the surrounding environment, even when the clouds so characteristic of the West hover.


Awakening at sunrise is an invitation to meditation, inhaling the scent of the pine trees and listening to the sound of the sea waves. The sun loungers on the balconies combine with a good book, to the point of getting carried away by enchanting stories.

Leisure awakens the appetite and gastronomy is a universe to explore. In the village of Nazaré, typical dishes are served, but in Ohai Nazaré, Dasos restaurant brings to the table international flavours with a typically Portuguese touch under the wand of chef Paco Santacruz, from fresh, seasonal and mostly organic products.

As a result of various partnerships, there are daily horse rides with a picnic and photo session, or an adrenaline rides through the main tourist spots and challenging trails in a jeep. At last, we dare you to rent a bike at the resort and go on an adventure. And the best is to let yourself go.



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