Espiral in Luanda International Airport

Present at every flight stop over


In serious expansion, Espiral now counts with a new boutique in Luanda International Airport. This will be the sixth space of Luanda’s largest watchmaker group, assuring a closer proximity with national and international clients, with their renowned quality.


On any stop over, since October, passengers all around the world can count on a unique store with the best brands of watches and jewelry for a last-minute gift or simply a spoil for whomever may be waiting at the final destination.

On Espiral’s new boutique, we can find exclusive insignias from Frederique Constant, S.T., Dupont, Swarovski, Ingersoll, Tous, Guess, Seiko, Lorus, Zankan, Daniel Wellington, Meller, Folli Folli and Ouro Tradicional. The choosing cannot take very long, since there are flights to catch, but the customized service guarantees the right choices in short time.


A recognized hub, the airport serves as a connection for TAAG Angola Airlines to South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, among other destinations on the African continent, which makes this a passing location of different audiences, and consequently with eclectic tastes, which makes Espiral bring together diversities, always focusing on the customer and on quality.


This is the group's sixth shop in the Angolan capital, adding to the premium boutiques in the Epic Sana and Intercontinental hotels, and in Fortaleza, Belas and MDC shopping centers, all with a common seal of refinement. Celebrating 12 years of existence, Espiral wants to be more global with a presence in more latitudes, also betting on e-commerce to reach the world globally.



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