The abstract perfume, created in 1921 by Gabrielle Chanel and Ernest Beaux, was the first to enter the MoMa, interpreted by Andy Warhol. Born at a time of celebration of the end of World War II, a manifesto to modernity and luxury, it was the most celebrated perfume of the 20th century. 

            Known for being the only "thing worn" by Marilyn Monroe to sleep, in her words, never has a pack become so popular with celebrities and known throughout the world as No. 5.

            Baptized for having passed the 5th Smell Test, this fragrance is the best kept secret in the world, being even today difficult to decipher the floral notes that we know it has, transmitting to us only to be the apogee of the feminine.

Completing a centenary of history and enchantment, Chanel celebrates in a limited edition that reinvents the fragrance in format and creativity.

            As exclusive partner, it chose Colombo shopping centre, marking the date with the only Chanel kiosk in the country, where special animation led the lucky ones to get to know the magic and history of the brand and the birthday girl in the limited time it was on display.

            On sale exclusively at Perfumes & Companhia and Douglas shops in Centro Colombo, there are 15 limited editions in the "Factory 5 Collection", in packaging inspired by everyday objects as a celebration of this very special year that sharpened our appreciation of beauty in the simplest things.

            Between sumptuous baths and sparkling body gels, the whole collection is a must-have.

            Come and discover the new versions of the iconic fragrance and let yourself be dazzled by the same old mystery.



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