Last May, Bentley's Crewe plant, in the United Kingdom, had new tenants who proved to be as productive as the human workforce, even off the assembly line. A swarm of 120,000 bees worked so hard, that they delivered the first harvest of Bentley honey. The two beehives installed over three months ago in the flower-filled grassy area of ​​the factory have proved to be a sweet success for contributing to local biodiversity.

The honeycombs have been collected by the beekeepers and are expected to give rise to a hundred jars to share and to give as gifts to VIP visitors coming to Crewe. The bottle label was created by brand interior designer Louise McCallum. Bentley bees have filled the luxury car manufacturer with enthusiasm and ambitions to become more sustainable and improve the environmental footprint, while helping to counter the UK’s declining bee numbers. Crewe's factory managers are now thinking about repeating the experiment to make even more honey. And so, by magic, the "Flying B" that decorates the Bentley's hood now encompasses a new niche powered by the "Flying Bees."



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