To enter the magical world of number 144 of Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, you do not need to arrive by rickshaw or caravel, but it is essential to be willing to board on a trip towards the East, with the same desire for discovery that the Portuguese navigators revealed in the past. And also have an appetite for new tastings. The thousand and one colours, aromas , and flavours of China, Japan, India, and Siam (former name of Thailand) get together at JNcQuoi Asia, Amorim Luxury Group’s latest adventure in the restaurant business. The sophistication of the first JNcQuoi, right next door, is transversal to this project, accentuating in the new space an atmosphere dominated by bold tones, velvets, woods, furs, neon signs, Chinese blinds, or rattan chairs, leaving some visitors completely overwhelmed while they are taken to the streets or narrow alleys of the Asian metropolises. A “miracle” made possible by Catalan interior architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán, a convinced traveler. Man of the world, he filled the 950 m2 of JNcQuoi Asia with a unique soul. All different but equally complimentary, the restaurant, bar, sushi bar and terrace have, together, a seating capacity of 300 people. The seats right in the center of the dining room are the most sought


after because there is a skeleton of a majestic golden dragon in the ceiling making it look more like a natural history museum. It is in this space that some delicacies that have the Portuguese Discoveries and their influence on Asian cuisine as a backdrop are served. Inside the new JNcQuoi, an imposing tiled mapa-mundi created by the Viuva Lamego tile factory shows the course of various ingredients that can be enjoyed at the table. A route widely known by some of the professionals involved in the project. Both chef António Bóia and chef Mário Esteves, who take over the restaurant’s gastronomic direction alongside sous-chefs specializing in different cuisines, packed up and headed east, not only to meet the best Asian suppliers but also to learn more by osmosis from the best on the other side of the world. They returned full of buzzing ideas and even hired cooks from various countries in the name of greater authenticity. This preparatory work was crucial in developing the menu which is divided into several categories: sushi and sashimi, dim sums, soups and salads, spring rolls, tempura and samosas, wok, robata, and tandoori, curries, and classics. There are also side dishes, couverts, desserts, and irresistible cocktails. They can be enjoyed at the start of the experience because the cocktail bar is the antechamber to everything else. It is in the lobby, with a private atmosphere provided by an elegant use of lights, and has 90 seats, much of it over the counter. It offers a variety of Japanese wines, sakés, and whiskeys, ideal to prepare the palate of those who choose the wonders found at the sushi bar. With 45 seats, this exotic corner provides a stimulating culinary spectacle, thanks to the live and colour preparation of food made by the sushimen in the center of the space. The menu is the responsibility of Miguel Bértolo, the well-known Portuguese sushiman who in 2017 was awarded 2nd place in the World Sushi Cup Edomae Sushi competition. Already on the terrace, nature and outdoor lovers will find a dream place. They can enjoy the skies of Lisbon in peace, as if they were at the epicenter of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok.



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