The Latin American essence and the exoticism of the Amazon forest asserted themselves to the London cold and judging by the success of the recently inaugurated Amazonico restaurant, the number 10 of Berkeley Square, in the heart of Londoner district of Mayfair, it came to stay. The successful experience in Madrid led the responsible for the project to replicate the concept in the United Kingdom inviting, more to the north, all of those whom appreciate good cuisine to embark on this journey through an admirable new world. Brimming with color, mysticism and rare plants, the restaurant offers – with the same verdant freshness and tropical atmosphere that define the lungs of the world – an adventure on the Amazon forest, through Brazil, Colombia and Peru without leaving Europe. By the hand of the renowned Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violan, the venue takes all its visitors to sail by the Amazonas river that tears the forest. There is no lack of surprises along the way provided by the constant use of raw natural materials and, mainly, by local flavors. In the Amazonico, these flavors and the menu are responsibility of Brazilian Chef Sandro Silva and his wife, the Asturian blooded economist Marta Seco. Together they built an empire in the catering world which started with the famous Paraguas restaurant, in 2004, in Madrid. They have not stopped growing ever since and the Amazonico – which just arrived to London in partnership with the catering group D. Ream International – became one of the crown’s jewels. In the Mayfair restaurant brought to the table are the aromas and flavors of the Latin American cuisine and the respective influences from Japan, China and India, bringing forward traditional Brazilian dishes, such as picanha, or others, such as Peruvian sushi, and crowning endless culinary triumphs such as colorful cocktails, cachaça based, for instance. Profound connoisseurs of the local culture, the staff prepares guacamole at the table in a manner of live-act providing an even more memorable experience. When it comes to music, live-acts are a constant, with jazz performances throughout the night. In the restaurant’s lounge and bar, adorned with exotic peacocks, it becomes even more magical at nightfall, cradled by the “electro-tropical” sounds of the Latin American music, carefully chosen by DJ on duty. Within a foreseeable future, these sounds will also be heard in Dubai, where another international unit of the Amazonico restaurant will be born. Until then – to avoid mouth-watering – you will have to travel to Madrid or London.



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