Carmen Mouro is a successful businesswoman in the area of beauty and well-being, and author and presenter of the television program “Tu consegues, com Carmen Mouro”, whose mission is to find the next Portuguese top model.

Born in Angola, she grew up in a multicultural environment. With a desire to get to know the world from an early age, her time in Brazil, Switzerland, Greece, France, Dubai and, as of three years ago, Portugal, allowed Carmen Mouro to experience different realities and cultures. “From a very early age, I got used to calling home where I am at any given time. My roots are the people I love and not the places, despite having a lot of affection for all the countries that welcomed me,” she acknowledges gratefully.

So who is this serious candidate to become the Angolan Oprah Winfrey? Carmen Mouro was born 42 years ago in the city of Lobito. She had a “very happy” childhood, surrounded by siblings, cousins ​​and friends, at a time marked by endless afternoons of playing in the street, with skinned knees and dirty clothes on the way home. Carmen's first passion was dancing. When, in her early teens, she moved to Brazil – the family’s solution to escaping the civil war in Angola –, she was completely dazzled by the lambada, in such a way that, in the following year, when her parents and siblings came to Portugal, Carmen chose to stay in Brazil with an aunt, such was her fascination with Latin dances. But her path ended up taking another course, leaving dancing behind. She graduated in Law and became a businesswoman. Today she is still the owner of Spazio Di Belle, a space that aims to explore all the potential of female beauty.

Even before launching her own brand, Carmen did several jobs as a model, which led her to travel the world. But, at a certain point, she felt stagnant in her career in fashion and decided to become not only a presenter, but also the author of the SIC program “Tu consegues, com Carmen Mouro” (You can do it, with Carmen Mouro). “When we started last year, I think that few believed in my success. The truth is that the program went on the air and we are already recording the second season. The day will come when we will also arrive in Angola and Brazil. I am certain!” says Carmen Mouro, with the conviction of a “ hurricane ”woman, as she describes herself: “focused, determined, courageous and entrepreneurial”.



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