Almost everything that she does turns out to be invariably a source of inspiration. Kelly Wearstler, South Carolina's multi-talented interior designer who continually surprises the world with bold proposals, is a benchmark in the skillful combination of historical and modern elements, as well as attention to detail and the use of intense colours and vibrant textures in interior design. She has left her mark on the outside world and promises to conquer more.


What do Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz and Stacey Snider, the president and CEO of Twentieth Century Fox Film, have in common with? As well as moving in the artistic world they share the same passion for the work of Kelly Wearstler, a rock star of interior design, born in the USA, who has already developed projects for all three. A seasoned traveler, she claims the visits to other countries “fuel [her] creativity.” In an exclusive interview with Diamond magazine, the designer emphasized that just like the work she does, taking trips is an opportunity to live a new love story at any time, because she falls in love ”with any single place she gets to know.” Kelly doesn’t deny she is attracted by the mystique of Angola, a country, she describes as "rich in culture, which would perfectly translate into hotel design", or Portugal, where she visited Comporta, its beaches and pine forests which have become the place of worship for countless international personalities. Maybe one day this will become a focus of one of her projects.

Meanwhile, the momentum of projects continues. Currently she is working on developing luxury interiors for residential projects of global clients. At the same time she has released a new collection of fabrics, wallpaper, coatings, carpets, lighting and furniture. And the countdown to three new hotels with residential properties in Los Angeles, Austin (Texas) and Santa Monica, California, and Kelly Wearstler's interiors is underway.

The designer's trademark is stamped in every corner of San Francisco's iconic Proper Hotel, which reopened last year after five years of remodeling work. Contemporary works of art and European influences are a constant and cohabit with antiques or items designed by Kelly herself alongside unique pieces of furniture. On the walls, there are references to French pre-modernity and Cubism, with wallpaper and coatings featuring geometric and floral patterns with a vintage touch. The influences of other movements such as Bauhaus and Modernism are also noted giving a touch of timeless class. It will be difficult to want to leave this place, even more so if you can taste the "Compartés" chocolate bar, a partner brand of Kelly Wearstler, for which the designer has developed a visual identity for the packaging, with patterns and colours inspired by the flavours.



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