The breezy culture of the southern countries of Europe inspired the concept in which the creation of SUD is anchored, one of the more “in” venues in the Portuguese capital, but this same culture rose, simultaneously, a new passion in Salomé Gorgiladze’s life. Natural from Tbilisi, in Georgia, and used to travelling the world, Salomé switched the wonders of the Cáucaso’s treasure for Lisbon’s light, eight years ago. It was here, that her father inaugurated that country’s first embassy in Portugal, which completed the basis’ academic development. With a degree in International Relationships, Management and Psychology by the University of Webster, in Genebra, she attended her master’s degree in Management at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, while working in the development department of the SANA group. Later on, she took on the role of administrative delegate of the same group and SUD Lisboa, the venue, defined as “eclectic and multi-faceted”, was the first adventure out of the hotel group SANA Hotels’ genetic code. She has been ever since the entrepreneurial face ahead of SUD, which is celebrating 3 years in 2020.

Salomé’s global vision and experience have proved essential to place the project amongst the national and international public as a new way of experiencing the city which, she insists, is only possible thanks to “the work of a dedicated team”. The reconnaissance has arrived and the space is becoming more and more popular amongst multiple brands from all over the world. This is one of the reasons for which – Salomé confided – SUD Lisboa’s internationalization is in the group’s horizon, even though the priority at the moment is the brand’s consolidation. Destinations of excellence such as Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Dubai, Miami, Marbella or Ibiza could very well, in the understanding of the manager, take on a replica of the noble riverside Tejo venue.

The luxury Portuguese market has given, according to Salomé, a qualitative jump, which stands alongside the best of the exterior. Portugal is currently in fashion and the country’s authenticity, safety and hospitality have opened way for a world of opportunities where the sustainable agenda also has a significative impact. Elected Europe’s Green Capital in 2020, Lisbon can project itself even further in the international arena, which also translates to an array of advantages for SUD, that has been investing in this segment through, for instance, the SUD Kiosk Café, an environmental-friendly venue which is destined to bystanders who enjoy outdoor activities. For Salomé, it only makes sense to think about the country and venue’s future if it’s that way. The creativity, vision and courage she unveils in the business world are proof that she is a born entrepreneur, ready to continue inspiring new chapters for SANA’s group history.



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