Clear voice, full of energy and freshness. Born in Coimbra, but ready to conquer the stages of the world, young Beatriz grew up to the sound of the repertoire of Amália Rodrigues, Hermínia Silva and Alfredo Marceneiro, among others, and became a Fado singer. From an early age, she started listening to her grandfather's records and singing, but unlike other children who surrendered to the sounds of pop music, Beatriz matured between the Portuguese guitars and the surrounding rhythm of Fado.

She made quite an impression in Fado houses in Coimbra and Lisbon, promising to bring new blood to the rich Portuguese musical scene, and stamp a new name in the pages of Portuguese music history. She’s an economics graduate, but it is Fado numbers that she wants to work on, at least for now. At the age of 17, she made her debut with the album “Fado com cores alegres”, reinterpreting other artists' repertoires and joining three themes, two of them of her own. More recently, we can hear her on “Fado da Manela” and be carried away by the contagious joy of the new single, written and composed by Jorge Benvinda, from Virgem Suta. The young promise of Portuguese fado, always represented in an excellent way across borders, fills this edition of Diamond magazine with musicality.



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