Quinta da Boeira's Very Old Tawny, a rare relic from 1917, is to be enjoyed with moderation but in an original way. To celebrate the excellent quality but small quantity of this wine, the Vila Nova de Gaia based wine company, neighbouring Porto city, has created an innovative proposal that promises moments of unusual pleasure for lovers of good nectars. Thought to be ingested through small vaporisations, this Port reveals itself in an irresistible 100 millilitre bottle of spray perfume, providing a palette-pleasing explosion of aromas and flavours - along with a sui generis experience.

The iconic perfume bottle comes in an individual sealed case, housing the amber wine, awarded the Great Gold Medal in the Portugal Wine Trophy accolades. Ultra-limited edition, a thousand units were launched, available at Quinta da Boeira’s headquarters, online store and major wine cellars in the country. With the promise of unforgettable experiences, they are ready to be vaporised, in the most exclusive parties in Portugal and around the world.





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